Rail transportation

Our main area of expertise:

  • Supply of empty containers to a departure station for export loading.
  • Moving containers from the port of St. Petersburg using railway transport as part of expedited container trains or single wagon load.
  • Supply of containers from nearby stations using road vehicles throughout Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Moscow Region, Vologda, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm and many others).
  • Arrangement of cargo reloading from railway wagons in St. Petersburg with subsequent export shipment.
  • Arrangement of cargo reloading from containers to railway wagons and domestic containers in St. Petersburg with subsequent cargo transfer to regions without the need to return the empty line equipment

Our advantages:

Existing contractual relations with major owners of different types of rolling stock (open cars, covered train cars, container flatcars, flatcars, etc.)

Payment delays are possible for regular customers

Direct contracts with regional Russian Railways branches and Transcontainer representative offices at major hub stations

We have our own unified account for railway fare payments

Existing equipment-use agreements with major sea lines with the possibility to supply containers from the nearest line stock without the need to arrange the empty container transfer to a departure station