Back in 2014

Oil prices melting just before our eyes, the food embargo and sanctions, the fire in the foreign exchange market with currencies trading at their historical maximums. It looked like everything was collapsing just before our eyes. Despite all this, cargo transportation volumes rose. It was at this breaking point that a new name appeared on the market of Russian cargo companies. Some professionals came together to combine their knowledge and experience: that's how InShipping appeared. At the beginning of the journey, our team consisted of three people, while transportation volumes were several dozen containers per month.

As soon as in 2016, we launched our in-house road transportation department, created an intra-port forwarding service and entered into agreements with major terminals of the Big Port of St. Petersburg with an obligation to transfer at least 300 TEUS monthly.

In 2017, the company's average cargo turnover was 600 TEUS per month. We launched our proprietary electronic customer request recording and cargo handling system based on a unified database. The freight forwarder's liability was insured with Ingosstrakh with a limit of 2.5 million roubles per event.

In 2018, we moved to a new office, while the number of employees achieved 15. At the year end, the average cargo turnover increased up to 800 TEUS per month.


InShipping is a high-quality multimodal transportation service. We deliver goods by road, railway and sea to any point of the world.



Mikhail Eregin


George Ivanov

Sales Director

Marat Kadyrmaev

Head of Port Forwarding Department

Tatyana Levshun

Chief Accountant

Eugenia Borzova


Anastasia Rapinchuk

Client Service Manager

Valery Esin

Field Document Handling Manager

Kiamran Akhmedov

Client Service Manager

Nadezhda Smirnova

Transport Department Manager

Ruslan Vildeev

Client Service Manager

Sergey Dovgii

Transport Department Manager

Eldar Dicopp

Transport Department Manager

Yanec Nikita

Client Service Manager

Gabov Vyacheslav

Sales manager