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How to choose the right
cargo company?


The primary cargo company selection criterion is its experience, in particular the experience of handling your or similar type of cargo. Consider giving preference to those who know well the specifics of transportation and customs clearance of your particular type of cargo; this will be your insurance against unforeseen extra costs during transportation or delays due to incorrect execution of shipping documents and permissions.


The second cargo company selection criterion is transparency of their operations. There are numerous resources on the Internet where you can check your counterparty's credibility (a tax service website, information search system websites). First of all, make sure that you deal with a really operating entity, whose legal address is the same as its actual location, and that the company has enough staff, works profitably and pays taxes. Such a company is able to take responsibility for your cargo and, most importantly, fulfils this responsibility.


The third criterion is, of course, the price they offer. The desire to cut production costs is the essence of any business.

Choosing a cargo company based mainly on the lowest price is an absolutely wrong approach, which leads to high risks and extra costs. In the list of our priorities, the offer price is #3, and we use the same approach in relations with our contractors. This approach to cargo company selection guarantees reliable services at an optimum price.

Which company to choose?

InShipping is a company featuring a comprehensive approach to arrangement of your cargo's delivery. We have extensive experience of dealing with a wide range of products and know how to arrange delivery quickly and properly and make sure a client enjoys high-quality services. The company’s resources allow us to fulfil the liability we take on for transported goods. Additionally, a forwarder’s liability is insured with the limit of 4,000,000 roubles per event, while goods whose price exceeds the set limit are covered by additional insurance